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We have litter picking opportunities in collaboration with The Duke of Edinburgh Award. If you are interested please view the form DofE Application Form.pdf and email:

Frequently Asked Questions:



To keep our local environment clean, recycle, and inspire permanent behavioural change.


- Cut litter by changing behaviour.
- Reduce waste by reusing and recycling.
- Improve public spaces for community pride.
- Educate future generations about the environment.

- Combat global plastic waste for a cleaner planet.


Where and when?

- In your neighbourhood/town
- One hour a week for 3-12 months.


What's Provided?

- Litter grabber (on loan)
- Weybridge in Bloom vest (on loan)
- Pocket-sized notebook for recording
- You Need: Weather-appropriate clothes, gloves, plastic bag, hand gel.

Safety Guidelines:

- Inform parents/guardians of your whereabouts. 
- Use common sense and avoid confrontations.

Action Plan:

- Choose a location (streets, park, etc.).
- Optionally join group picks.

Recording Efforts:

- Note date, area in a notebook.
- Comment on the type of litter.
- Send photos and dispose of collected litter.

What will I need?

Weybridge in Bloom will provide volunteers with:

  • A litter grabber (on loan)

  • A Weybridge in Bloom vest (on loan) to identify you as part of the group: please always wear it.

And you will need:

  • Weather appropriate sensible clothes and footwear

  • Strong/thick gloves

  • Plastic bag/sac in which to collect the rubbish.

  • Hand gel to clean your hands when you take your gloves off.

The Do’s and don’ts of keeping yourself safe.

  • Do let your parents/guardians know when and where you are going.

  • Do cover up any cuts.

  • Do wear your gloves and identifying vest.

  • Do only pick during hours of daylight.

  • Do pick everything up with your litter picker.

  • Do cross busy roads using crossings or in places where you have a good view of the traffic in each direction and don’t make a busy road part of your route.

  • Do stop before your bag becomes too heavy to carry.

  • Do use your common sense and any queries/ concerns/problems just call us and keep our

    contact details on your phone. We are also on WhatsApp.

  • Don’t confront anyone you see littering or take of photo of them.

  • Don’t pick up litter from the gutter of a road without being aware of the traffic.

  • Don’t pick up anything hazardous. If you see any syringes etc, let us know where, by

    sending a photo and the location and we will collect them.

  • Do not enter any rivers/streams/flooded areas.

  • Don’t lift any large or heavy objects. Leave them and let us know where they are.

  • Don’t listen to music with earphones/headphones/ear buds to ensure that you are always

    aware of your environment, the people and traffic around you.

  • Don’t bring anything along to eat or drink to help avoid touching your face.




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