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The organisation shall be known as Weybridge in Bloom CIC

Objectives and Purpose

To work towards creating a greener, brighter, and more biodiverse Weybridge, benefiting the community (those living in, working in and visiting Weybridge) by improving the environment and visual presentation of the town.

1. Environmental Sustainability and Urban Enhancement:

WiB's primary objective is to enhance Weybridge by promoting sustainable planting schemes, limiting seasonal one-off plantings, and collaborating with Elmbridge Borough Council to identify areas for improvement. This fosters environmental sustainability by promoting the growth of perennials, shrubs, bulbs, and trees, thereby contributing to a greener and more biodiverse urban environment.

2. Community Engagement and Participation:

WiB actively involves residents, businesses, local authorities, educational institutions, and other stakeholders in its projects and events. By inspiring and encouraging community involvement of all ages and providing guidance and support to residents interested in improving their own neighbourhoods, WiB cultivates a sense of ownership and pride among community members, fostering a deeper connection to their surroundings.

3. Promotion of Civic Pride and Community Spirit:

Through its initiatives, WiB raises public awareness, promotes civic pride, and instils a sense of community spirit among Weybridge residents. By showcasing community achievements and promoting good horticultural practices, WiB contributes to a positive perception of the town, reinforcing a collective sense of identity and belonging among its inhabitants.

General Membership of WiB (CIC)

  • Membership will be open to everyone interested in promoting the objectives of WiB and helping in achieving its aims.

  • Registration is required for being a member. There is no membership fee.

  • Volunteers must sign and return the volunteer guidelines.

  • Members and volunteers must conduct themselves in a considerate and

    respectful manner when working with or representing WiB.

  • Membership may be withdrawn for misconduct or bringing WiB into


Meetings of the Registered Members

  • An AGM shall be held in March (or as soon as possible after) each calendar year and shall be notified at least 2 weeks before the meeting.



  • A bank account shall be maintained in the name of Weybridge in Bloom CIC

  • The financial year will run from April to March each year.

  • The accounts will be submitted at end of each financial year.

  • The Treasurer is required to give a financial report at the AGM each year.

  • No expense should be incurred without the prior approval of the chairperson. Receipts need to be provided to the Treasure for reimbursement after approval.

  • WiB will be a not-for-profit organisation, shall not distribute any

    surplus of income over expenditure, and shall apply its income, donations and/or grants solely for the furtherance of WiB objectives.


Data Protection

  • Information provided by registered members of WiB will be used solely for dealing with persons as members of WiB.

  • The personal data provided will be used in accordance with the current General Data Protection Regulation as defined at

  • WiB may arrange for photographs or videos to be taken of its activities and published on its website or on social media channels to promote itself. Images of a member may be used by WiB in this way unless they have previously indicated they do not give permission.

  • Only directors may publish images and WiB written material.



WiB shall be dissolved upon a resolution to that effect passed by a three-quarters majority of Directors present and voting at a properly called meeting. Following any such resolution the Directors shall take appropriate action to discharge all debts and liabilities of WiB, and once all its liabilities have been discharged, shall transfer any remaining funds to Elmbridge Borough Council to be used for the sole benefit of Weybridge.

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