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Tallest Sunflower Competition

Weybridge in Bloom - Competition
Tallest Sunflower

We launched our tallest sunflower competition for children aged 7 and under at Oatlands Village Fayre on the afternoon of Saturday 14th May.


The seeds can be planted directly into the soil outside but you can give them an advantage by planting them in a pot in May. Follow our simple guide below for planting in a pot.
The competition is for children aged 7 and under living or studying in Weybridge.

Planting the seeds at home
You can plant at home by filling a 9cm pot ¾ with peat free compost.
Place your seed in the pot and cover with compost to the top of the pot.
Place your pot on a tray or saucer and water until completely soaked then drain excess water off the tray.
Label your sunflower and put the date you planted your seed.
Place the pot on a sunny window sill until you see the first leaves appear, water regularly.
In June you should be able to plant your sunflower in the garden or a larger pot outside, somewhere where it will get lots of sunlight.

In September take a picture of your sunflower beside a measuring tape showing the height. Measure the sunflower in metres and centimetres and send your picture to us including your name, age, school, address and height to here.

The sunflower must be standing up when it is measured. Sunflowers that have fallen down do not count, so support your sunflower in any way you like.

You will need your parent’s or guardian’s permission to enter the competition.

Closing date will be 3rd September 2022 and winners will be announced on 6th September. The winner will be presented with their prize and be pictured on our website with their winning sunflower.

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