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“Greener,  Cleaner & Biodiverse”

The organisation shall be known by the name Weybridge in Bloom (“WiB”).

Objectives and Purpose
To work towards creating a Greener, Cleaner & Biodiverse Weybridge. This will benefit the Weybridge community and its visitors by improving the environmental presentation of the Town. Specific objectives and purpose of WiB are to:
• Work with volunteers to carry out environmental initiatives leading to a cleaner, greener and safer environment for everyone who live, work and visit Weybridge.
• Enhance and improve the visual attraction of Weybridge town by encouraging the growth of plants and flowers in gardens. The aim is to encourage sustainability by way of permanent planting though some however will be seasonal.
• Promote and encourage Community involvement of all ages through projects, events and competitions.
• Showcase community achievements and promote horticultural excellence.
• Involve all age, faiths, places of worship, schools, allotments, community Management Teams including residential areas, parks and green spaces, Local Council, local landmarks & local businesses.
• Involve local educational establishment to promote the scheme and take an active part wherever possible.
• Encourage businesses to improve the working environment by the addition of floral displays and sustainable planting near to their premises
• Develop a programme of public floral display in conjunction with the Elmbridge Borough Council, identifying areas most suited for treatment.
• Support the idea of a litter- and graffiti-free environment
• Develop public awareness of WiB and the benefits for residents
• Promote civic pride and community spirit.
• Raise funds through sponsorship, events and funding from appropriate local bodies.

Management Team
• WiB shall be managed by a Board of Trustees (the “Board”).
• The Board shall comprise of a permanent Founder Trustee together with a maximum of 5 (five) and minimum of 2 (two) other members. The Board must always have 3 mandatory officer positions of a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
• The current Trustees are: Charu Sood (Founder & Chair), Ian Donaldson (Secretary), Rachel Bainbridge (Treasurer), Susan Seery (Horticulturist) and Judith Last (Volunteer Lead).
• The Management Team shall be made up of not more than 10 persons elected by the Management Team in existence from time to time. These individuals will help WiB achieve its objectives, have an interest in environmental improvement projects and are prepared to contribute in a practical way.

Meetings of the Management Team
• Will be held at least 3 times per year with the quorum of 2 members required for business to be conducted.
• Special General Meetings may be called at any time by the Board, or within 14 days following receipt by the Secretary of a written request from at least 2/3rds of the Management Team.
• Other meetings shall be held as and when necessary.
• Decisions will be taken by the Management Team at meetings, with all the Management Team being entitled to one vote. Decisions will be taken through reaching a consensus at a meeting, but if such a consensus is not achieved, a simple majority vote will be taken using a show of hands.
• No member of WiB may commit any funds, make any agreement, and/or offer plants or property without the prior written approval of the Management Team.
• Any meeting with outside bodies/organisations/Councils held by the members must be sanctioned in advance by the Board, and a Board member must be present at any such meeting unless agreed otherwise by the Chairman.

General Membership of WiB
• Membership will be open to everyone interested in promoting the objectives of WiB, without regard to disability, political or religious affiliation, race, sex or sexual orientation.
• Membership shall be open to residents, representatives of any organisation or community with an interest in environmental improvements in Weybridge, persons interested in helping the Management Team achieve its objectives and who are prepared to contribute in a practical way.
• Registration is required to be a member. There is no membership fee, donations appreciated.
• All members must read and abide by the WiB Rules and Guidelines.

Meetings of the Registered Members
• An AGM shall be held in March each calendar year and shall be notified to each member and all partner organisations at least 10 days before the meeting.

• A bank account shall be maintained in the name of WiB.
• The financial year will run from 1st January to 31 December each year.
• The accounts will be independently audited following the end of each financial year.
• The Treasurer is required to give a financial report at the AGM each year.
• No expense should be incurred without the prior approval of Charu Sood (Chair) & Ian Donaldson (Secretary). Receipts need to be provided to the Treasure for reimbursement after approval.
• WiB will be a not-for-profit organisation, shall not distribute any surplus of income over expenditure, and shall apply its income, donations and/or grants solely for the furtherance of WiB objectives.

Data Protection
• Information provided by registered members of WiB will be used solely for dealing with persons as members of WiB.
• The personal data provided will be used in accordance with the current General Data Protection Regulation as defined at www.ico.org.uk
• Should WiB decide to publish a membership handbook, yearbook or directory, it may include a member’s name, email addresses, phone/ mobile number, and postal address, and will be available to all members, in either an electronic or paper version.
• Should a member later decide to withdraw consent for this information to be shared, it will not be possible to remove details from printed material until such time as the next edition of the publication.
• WiB may arrange for photographs or videos to be taken of its activities and published on its website or on social media channels to promote itself. Images of a member may be used by WiB in this way.

WiB shall be dissolved upon a resolution to that effect passed by a three-quarters majority of Trustees present and voting at a properly called meeting. Following any such resolution the Trustees shall take appropriate action to discharge all debts and liabilities of WiB, and once all its liabilities have been discharged, shall transfer any remaining funds to Elmbridge Borough Council to be used for the sole benefit of Weybridge.

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